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System Developer 1000ml 6%

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The Goldwell System Developer are unified lotion systems designed to create intensive, long-lasting color results with outstanding brilliance shine, made for Topchic, Colorance & Oxycur Platin.
With integrated patented IntraLipid Technology for improved combability and smooth hair touch. Upgraded with BondPro Technology to offer essential protection during hair color processes.
Brand Goldwell

Hair Coloring Developer

Creates intensive, long-lasting color results.
Can be used with Topchic, Colorance & Oxycur Platin.
IntraLipid Technology.
BondPro Technology included.
1. Select the proper level of Goldwell System Developer to mix with the Goldwell Topchic Hair Color.
2. Topchic's mixing ratio 1:1 - 1 part of Topchic Hair Color to 1 part Developer.
3. Mix the Developer & Tophic Hair Color in a color bowl. 4. Apply the color on the hair and let it process for 30 minutes without heat or 20 minutes with heat. Note: To be used only after being trained by a certified trainer